To Bring Him Here


"An attractive singing voice and effective interpretations of lyrics, allied as they are to pleasing phrasing and a nicely understated swing, make this a very good introduction for a newcomer to the international jazz scene" ~Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal

Let's Face the Music

Let's Face the Music

  • To Bring Him Here is a collection of standards and originals that introduces Kristin Lomholt as a vocalist, pianist, arranger and composer.

    The standards on this album include very rare selections like the Ornette Coleman original Lonely Woman and Deep Song, a selection from the dark corners of Billie Holiday's repertoire. Other selections are great standards from the more popular jazz repertoire like Let's Face The Music And Dance and the Gershwin standard How Long Has This Been Going On (great standards which after all, are called great for a reason).

    This Music Mecca release finds Ms. Lomholt in the company of five simply exceptional Boston-based jazz artists, trumpeter Tony D'Aveni, pianist Helen Sung, bassist Kaela Kaumeheiwa and drummers/percussionists Ron Savage and Ernesto Diaz. Together they have created an album of spirited, inventive, charismatic music making.

    To Bring Him Here invites you to sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the music of Kristin Lomholt on so many different levels-the interesting choices of repertoire, the arrangements, the improvisations and the interaction of the musicians in her band, and, of course, her singing. Ms. Lomholt is truly a multi-talented artist.

  • More reviews can be found in Kristin's Media Kit.

    Jazz Stage (a Swedish jazz magazine)
    Göran Olsson

    The Danish vocalist Kristin Lomholt makes more than a promising debut with her album To Bring Him Here. Kristin (who is also a pianist and plays the piano on some of the tracks on her album) has been studying with Danilo Perez and Ran Blake at New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. Her group includes the romantic trumpet player Tony D'Aveny, pianist Helen Sung, bass player Kaela Kaumeheiwa, drummer Ron savage and percussionist Ernesto Diaz.

    Kristin has arranged all material and also wrote four songs on the album. In the successful opening song Let's face The Music And Dance Kristin is immediately showing vocal and artistic maturity. The arrangement is tight and supple. The same with George Gershwins How Long Has This Been Going On ? Here the seldom heard verse is taken up in a beautiful way. Something I often miss when standards are being performed by vocalists as well as musicians. The head later gose into a relaxed bossa section, after which the fine trumpet player Tony D'Aveni lays out with one of his lyrical solos.

    The choice of repertoire is very successful. There are many moments of tension as well as tempo-variations. Even here Kristin's maturity comes through. Nat Adderley's Old Country, Ornette Coleman's Lonely Woman and Antonio Carlos Jobim's Inutil Paisagem are demanding songs but Kristin does these with flying colours. One can make a note of the balanced knowledge of style without any overplaying. Kristin is singing in tune and the lyrics come across in a way that is in coherence with the jazz tradition. The representation of the melody in Deep Song is done with Kaumeheiwa's bass as only accompaniment which asks for high demands, but Kristin's fine vocal craft avoids the dangers of dead ends in terms of rhythm as well as intonation.

    Jazz Special (a Danish jazz magazine)
    Jakob Hassing

    While this reviewer is sitting bent over his computer the pop group Aqua is grinding in all sorts of radio speakers in large parts of this planet. Such little music is a world sensation! The opposite of Aqua could be the 36-year old vocalist and pianist Kristin, who insists on such old-fashioned qualities as thoughtfulness and more profound emotional layers in the music. One has to hear To Bring Him Here several times before one will love it I think.

    Kristin Lomholt has an inner universe, that demands to be uncovered. The album stands and falls so that you sink into the rather difficult melodies and give in to the unsentimental and willfull evocativeness that is her. The album points in many directions, but the directions are joined by Lomholt, because it's her that draws the lines. And if one can not resign to that, one would not appreciate the album. It's an either-or. The liner notes speak about restlessness and searching, and that's probably true, because it's possible to project many emotions into this music, that promises more. It's grandiose, season-like and effective. The evocativeness is not only found in Lomholt's own originals but also in her interpretations of for example Jobim.

    ...How Long Has This Been Going On? is one of the highlights for me. And then there are fine contributions from the other musicians, especially from the trumpet player Tony D'Aveni. Good luck, also in the future, Kristin.

    Jazz Journal (an American jazz magazine)
    Bruce Crowther

    An attractive singing voice and effective interpretations of lyrics, allied as they are to pleasing phrasing and a nicely understated swing, make this a very good introduction for a newcomer to the international jazz scene. Lomholt names Dominique Eade as her singing tutor, which is about as good as it gets, and a mention of Ran Blake hints at a modern inclination. In performance, however, Lomholt belongs more in the mainstream and she makes a welcome addition to the fold...Sound is good, notes are by Lomholt and Gary Fieldman.

    • Let's Face The Music And Dance - (I. Berlin) - 4:40
    • To Bring Him Here - (K. Lomholt) - 4:47
    • Old Country - (C. Lewis/N. Adderley) - 5:10
    • Lonely Woman - (M. Guryan/O. Coleman) - 6:40
    • Beneath The Southern Sky - (K. Lomholt) - 6:54
    • Inutil Paisagem - (A. C. Jobim) - 4:16
    • So Deus E Quem Sabe - (G. Arrantes) - 5:59
    • How long Has This Been Going On? - (I. Gershwin/G. Gershwin) - 7:40
    • When You Come Back To Me - (K. Lomholt) - 5:40
    • Deep Song - (G. Cory/D. Cross) - 5:47
    • Fall Song - (K. Lomholt) - 5:47
    • Total time 60:40

    • Vocals: Kristin Lomholt
    • Trumpet: Tony D'Aveni
    • Piano: Helen Sung
    • Bass: Kaela Kaumeheiwa
    • Drums: Ron Savage
    • Percussion: Ernesto Diaz
    • Produced by: Kristin Lomholt
    • Executive Producer for Music Mecca: Henning Schaedler
    • Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at: Thin Ice Productions, Massachusetts, USA
    • Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Robert Patton
    • Cover Photo: Gorm Valentin
    • Additional Photos: Headly Langosy and Kristin Lomholt
    • Graphic Design: Kjeld Brandt Grafisk Tegnestue/Christine Clemmensen
    • Record Label: Music Mecca
    • All Rights Reserved Kristin Lomholt 2000