"With this disc, Kristin Lomholt has brought the listener into her world, even if it's only for the better part of an hour. Her own songs explore emotions such as joy and the anguish of lost love with such honesty and directness. The personalized treatment of other people's music weaves the original pieces and her interpretations of older selections into seamless fabric. Kristin is not afraid to challenge her audience with arrangements that are sometimes complex and at other times sparse, but always sympathetic to the song itself. This is a fine addition to her growing body of work and one that belongs in any music lover's catalog". ~David Reuss, Jazzkaelderen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Black Crow
My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Cole Porter)
Simple Twist of Fate (Bob Dylan)
Winter Moon
You Are Gone

  • Kristin Lomholt's second solo album reveals her daring approach to music, as she presents music that crosses different musical genres. Bringing a distinct sensibility to her eclectic repertoire of jazz standards, pop songs and originals Ms. Lomholt guides you into her world with a unique and captivating sound. Backed by a world class rhythm section Ms. Lomholt exhibits sublime interpretive skills and an innovative style of arranging.

    This CD includes songs by Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael, Bob Dylan, Dorival Caymmi as well as five sparkling originals.

    Upon graduation from The Royal Danish Conservatory of Music Ms. Lomholt started her career in Spain, where she resided for a number of years. Later as a Fulbright grantee she came to New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and graduated from there with a Master's Degree in Jazz performance. Her teachers were Dominique Eade, Ran Blake and Danilo Perez.

    On Spell Kristin Lomholt has continued exploring the chamber jazz format heard on her debut album To Bring Him Here, but now taking this to the next level. Through an expansion of musical language, Ms. Lomholt's approach is 21st century, connecting various musical idioms of her ear into one sound.

    Kristin Lomholt has been stirring interest from audience and the music industry as she is able to stay connected to the past while venturing into today's musical language, deifying categorization and genres

    • My Ship -(I. Gershwin/K.Weil) - 3:10
    • Simple Twist Of Fate -(B. Dylan) - 5:23
    • Black Crow - (K. Lomholt) - 6:45
    • You Are Gone - (K. Lomholt) - 6:09
    • My Heart Belongs To Daddy - (C. Porter) - 4:53
    • Winter Moon/Wild Is The Wind - (H. Adamson/H. Carmichael and D. Tiomkin/N. Washington) - 6:11
    • Guess Who I Saw Today - (E. Boyd/M. Grand) - 4:46
    • Blue Eyed Boy - (K. Lomholt) - 4:57
    • November Wind - (K. Lomholt) - 5:03
    • O Bem Do Mar - (D. Caymmi) - 5:10
    • Spell - (K. Lomholt) - 4:51
    • Total time 57:36

    • Vocals: Kristin Lomholt
    • Trumpet: Tom Parmerter
    • Accordion: Darek Grabowski
    • Cello: Paul Fleury
    • Guitar: LaRue Nicolson
    • Piano: Per Danielsson
    • Bass: Mark Neuenschwander
    • Drums: Danny Gottlieb
    • Produced by: Kristin Lomholt
    • Recorded and Mixed at: Phat Planet Recording Studios, Orlando, Florida
    • Recording and Mixing Engineer: Mark Mason
    • Mastered at: Bob Katz Digital Domain, Orlando Florida
    • Mastering Engineer: Bob Katz
    • Cover Photo and Additional Photos: Israel Karasik
    • Graphic Design: Tracy Bachman
    • Record Label: Whaling City Sound
    • All Rights Reserved Kristin Lomholt 2006

  • Black Crow
    My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Cole Porter)
    Simple Twist of Fate (Bob Dylan)
    Winter Moon
    You Are Gone