Kristin Lomholt Concerts

THE JAZZ DUETS in concert, Kongegaarden, Algade 25, korsoer, february 5, tickets 75 kr EMIGRATION SONGS, Organistforeningens annual event and galla dinner at Hotel Svendborg, Centrumpladsen 1, 5700 Svendborg, May 30 8.30 pm

EMIGRATION SONGS with Andreas Tophoej, violin and Sigurd Hockings, guitar. Andreas Tophoej has toured USA, Scandinavia, Scotland, Germany, Italy and Denmark. He performs with the groups Basco, Hush and Zar and with a number of projects, events and recordings. Andreas holds a Master's degree in music from The Conservatory of Music in Odense, Denmark and from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Sigurd Hockings is one of the most virtuoso and versatile folk-guitarists in Denmark. He found his inspiration for his playing in the Celtic areas of the world, as well as in Denmark. In Emigration-songs Kristin Lomholt, Andreas Tophoej and Sigurd Hockings went back to a collection of great songs that describe the story of the European immigrants that went overseas to the American east coast during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The music is entertaining, breath-taking while the three musicians are deeply connected to the folk-tone of these old songs.


THE JAZZ DUETS, a fun and entertaining band from Copenhagen and Odense, met in 2011. They play jazz duets like Something Stupid (Carson Parks), -made famous by Frank and Nancy Sinatra, Every time we say goodbye (Cole Porter), People will say we're in love (Rodgers and Hammerstein) and many more. Guy Moscoso and Kristin Lomholt are the vocalists on the duets. Guy Moscoso is also the bass player and adds flute and tenor sax to the sound as well. It's Michael Salling on the piano and Chano Olskaer on the drums. Michael Salling is musical director at Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen and received a number of awards for his latest album, Nice Vibrations. Chano Olskaer is known from Mario Petricelli Trio and Christian Frank Quartet. Guy Moscoso is starring in Odense Teaters Orchestra and is also known from Niels Ryde Trio.

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